59 Rue Jacques Jarnieux 69270 Couzon-au-Mont-d’Or 

Welcome, I am a wool spinner and artist. I wish to highlight decisive aspects of globalized living by translating them into my artistic ecology. Performance, fiber, sculpture and photography derive from the activities of the daily. Emotionally, I connect to a rural context, the intimacy of home, tangible materials and authentic life. Conceptually, I am engaged with labour ethics, morality, power dynamics and their historical evolution. I source wool from two sheep farms in Saxony and I spin, felt and card in Saint-Denis in my studio. 

Die Ablammung eines Frischlings
Kommt, eilet und laufet, ihr flüchtigen Füße
Nouveaux Romantismes


A Walk-in Closet - curated by Nikitaà Dedel
March 2023 - The Window - Paris, FR

•Kai’s Kitchen - curated by Jannis Besen
December 2022 - München, DE

À partir de là - curated by à autre voix Collective
October 2022 - Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot - Clamart, FR

YGrèves : Brûlures profondes - curated by Matthias Odin
February 2022 - Paris, FR

Devant nous, encore moins d’une dizaine de mètres...
April 2021 - The Window Gallery, Paris, FR

Fragile Wirklichkeiten - Klasse Intermedia von Pr. Alba D'Urbano
August 2020 - Leipzig, DE

On dirait le Sud - Beaux-Arts de Nantes
December 2019 - Nantes, FR

A comme After - Fondation Ricard pour l'art contemporain - organised by DECOR
November 2019 - Paris, FR

The Division - Suncheon Bay National Garden
May 2019 - Suncheon, KR

Ils feurent Folz comme Poëtes, et resveurs comme philosophes -
On invitation by “Folle Béton” - April 2019 - Beaux-Arts de Paris - Paris, FR